The Service

The diffuCLEAR Process

diffuCLEAR is a thorough acid cleaning process that returns aeration lane diffuser arrays to ‘as new’ performance, significantly reducing energy use and improving bubble profile, making it easier for the operator to achieve compliance with discharge consents and reducing costs.

The key difference between diffuCLEAR and other acid cleaning services is that diffuCLEAR is fully validated and certificated.

Using specially designed data loggers/recorders and insertion flowmeters, we start by establishing the base conditions for the process. We measure flow rate compared to the power load on the blowers, so we understand exactly how much energy is being used to achieve target DO levels.

We typically install flowmeter points and chemical insertion valves permanently, so that return visits are easily organised to continue to monitor the process and to repeat the treatment when necessary. That makes it easy for the operators of sewage treatment plants to maintain them at top performance, prove good practice and minimise intrusive and expensive diffuser replacement.

Once a baseline measurement has been established, diffuCLEAR technicians proceed to introduce acid cleaning chemicals into the pipeline, using a purpose designed rig and metered atomising head. The process is repeated within each zone of the aeration system, and changes to air flow are logged over time, giving a clear profile of the improvements to the process.

The full diffuCLEAR operation can be completed in two days, though this depends on a number of factors. A first treatment takes longer than subsequent, maintenance visits because metering and insertion points have to installed, and the cleaning process will of course take longer because there is usually more remediation to accomplish.

Contact Air Technology today, and discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to showing you what diffuCLEAR can do.